My Heart Is NOT Just A Heart With Style But A Heart With FINESSE!

Finesse Apparel, created by MindOwnBusiness owner Anissa Finesse Shephard, is a clothing line and movement designed for the person who should remember their hurt but overcome it at the same time. Anissa describes Finesse Apparel as not only a clothing line, but also a healing process, one that starts with her personal self first. The line’s iconic and pretty dope label of a broken heart with money symbolizes the reality of needing to face and overcome life’s obstacles and challenges with style, finesse, and purpose. Anissa’s goal is to one day get everyone back to a loving state of mind, one that desires to teach and educate one another in loving thyself for who we truly are. At the time Anissa feels that as both she and the line grows, the broken heart with eventually close to become whole or complete. Finesse Apparel is an extension of both Shephard’s own mother-given middle name and her creative business called MindOwnBusiness where she encourages outlets like music among others.

One project that Anissa Finesse Shephard has recently worked on in called “Love. Money. Betrayed.” “Love. Money. Betrayed.” in laymen’s terms is about the reality of being hurt by someone you know (most likely someone closest to you) who gains either love or money or both as a result of betrayal. This music project’s message and aim mirrors that of the mission that Finesse Apparel itself has because both underscore the importance of confronting pain while at the same time acknowledging one’s own self made accountability and gift of gab. This idea is symbolized by the differing-colored broken hearts with money on the clothes that one finds signifying personal grief or mood changes. While steadily gaining recognition, Anissa Finesse Shephard’s clothing line Finesse Apparel and new music project “Love. Money. Betrayed.” both deserve more attention and praise because the owner really encourages leadership and love with integrity, and that is a brand we should all want to support with both God and ourselves in mind.

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