Nipsey Hussle: The Marathon Continues…

Ermias Joseph Asghedom to his family and friends, also known professionally as Nipsey Hussle, American rapper, songwriter, entrepreneur, philanthropist, and a family man. He was a well educated black man who poured an abundance of positivity in the black community, huge on ownership, and had an interest in technology and community development. Growing up and being a part of The Rollin 60s Neighborhood Crips, a street gang based in Los Angeles, California, Nipsey received respect from everyone, including rivals. Despite being in one of the biggest and thrillest gangs in the world, his aura and mission to uplift and bring everyone together set him aside from the typical gang member and people knew since then how different he was.

If Nipsey had a plan, he achieved it and if the plan did not go through, he tried again and again till’ it did. He showed the community that you can become big in the industry but should always remain true to yourself. Nipsey Hussle opened up myriad businesses and gave job opportunities to those in the community. One of his biggest accomplishments was completely buying out a shopping plaza that did not allow him to hang out and cell his CDs in when he was younger. He now has his own businesses in that exact plaza and created a safe opportunity for the community; The Marathon Clothing Store.

Repostings of Nipsey Hussle filled social media and cries for lifting of prayers poured out. March 31, 2019, was an extreme loss for the community and around the world. All social media knew at the time was that Nipsey Hussle was shot in front of his Marathon Clothing Store. Videos and pictures of Nipsey Hussle laying down as blood spewed out of his body surfaced the media and later he was sadly pronounced dead at the hospital.

To honor Nipsey Hussle’s legacy, protest movements were held to make a call for peace. This resulted in numerous peace events around the world and a march that went from a local Crenshaw grocery store to Hussle’s Marathon clothing store. Rival Los Angeles gangs from Watts, Compton, and Inglewood all met for this march to celebrate the life and the gift of Nipsey Hussle. It has been reported that “the last time this many gangs united for peace in Los Angeles reportedly occurred during the 1992 LA riots.” Thousands of members, community leaders, influencers, and many more have come together to keep Hussle’s marathon alive. Nipsey Hussle’s impact on the world has inspired action and emotionally touched the world. He will forever live through his us!